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I'm telling you, I can dance! (credit)

a sweet little dean i sketched for the lovely sweeps today uwu


a sweet little dean i sketched for the lovely sweeps today uwu

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani from nbcthevoice stopped by to challenge Jimmy to a battle of Lip Syncing

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Lip Sync Battle with Blake Shelton (x)

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Jimmy, Blake Shelton, and Gwen Stefani face-off in an epic lip sync battle… But Blake had to clear his throat really quick…

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thank you so much little buddy


thank you so much little buddy

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jensen + impersonations

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 Jensen Ackles MemeRelationships (2/4)

               Alan Ackles

" I convinced him to come up and do a scene with Jared and me.  And he was like, I don’t wanna work with a couple of hacks and some rookie director!" (x)

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It’s still dark when Castiel slips away from the bunker.  He walks east, into the trees, as though trying to meet the sun halfway.  As he picks his way carefully through the dense undergrowth, he gives himself over to the memories he usually keeps tucked safely away.  Tears sting his eyes when he thinks of his long absent Father and of the brothers and sisters he’s lost - and killed - in the time since he took the human form of Jimmy Novak, father and husband from Pontiac, Illinois.  

The first rays of light are filtering through the canopy of leaves over his head when he reaches the small stream nestled as far away from civilization as his wingless form can easily travel.  He finds a flat-topped rock and takes a seat, surrounded by the songs and morning chatter of the birds in the treetops reassembling their flocks to face the challenges of a new day, much as his own garrison once did.  Castiel stays by the stream as the morning sun burns off the scant fog, leaving the air around him early-autumn crisp and clear and as close to Heaven as the Earth will allow.  

He sits surrounded by his Father’s creations, staring at the water moving by as inexorably as time itself, and grieves for what he and his vessel have lost and for what he’s chosen to give up.  He lingers until the sun is high overhead and the birds have long since taken to wing to conduct the business of nature, leaving him with only the sound of water over rocks and the occasional rustle in the underbrush.  As he does every year on this, the anniversary of the day of his human rebirth, Castiel makes peace with his past so that he may see the beauty in his future.

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September 18th 2008 [4.01]

Welcome to earth, Castiel. This is where your road begins. 

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September 18, 2008

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